What does "Output Limit Exceeded" mean?

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    I got "Output Limit Exceeded" error, what does it mean? Thanks.

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    It could be your code print something, which shouldn't happen. Also, it might be your return variable contains too much values, caused by inappropriate implementation. This situation could be considered as Wrong Answer.

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    It means that you got duplicates result.

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    It means your output has more entries than expected. For e.g. if you are supposed to tell YES or NO for a number begin prime, you should have just a single line with either YES or NO, but if your output has more than one lines, it is "output limit" exceeded.

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    What's a duplicates result?

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    duplicate is: lets say result should be{{1,1,}{0,2}}; but your result is{{1,1}{1,1}{0,2}}

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