A simple O(n) solution

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    We only have to shrink the range to find the pair:

    class Solution {


    vector<int> twoSum(vector<int>& numbers, int target) {
        int lo=0, hi=numbers.size()-1;
        while (numbers[lo]+numbers[hi]!=target){
            if (numbers[lo]+numbers[hi]<target){
            } else {
        return vector<int>({lo+1,hi+1});


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    @allbugs Why do we increment the value of the index by 1 before adding it to the vector? Why is it lo + 1? and not lo?

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    Because it is said not 0 indexed.

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    so many issues with your code.

    1. lo may greater than numbers.size()-1 and hi may be smaller than 0
    2. what will happen if there is no answer
    3. could you do numbers[lo]+numbers[hi] just once?

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    @allbugs I had written a similar code but when I try to submit , For large input it throws time limit exceeded. Any suggestions ? Were you able to submit?

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    @jh2016 I think it's mentioned that "You may assume that each input would have exactly one solution", meaning there will always be a solution, so no need to worry about your concerns?

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