Javascript "seriously?" code

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    var myAtoi = function(str) {
        return Math.max(Math.min(parseInt(str) || 0, 2147483647), -2147483648)

    apparently the included parseInt() function does most of the requirements already

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    What am I missing here?
    Submission Result: Wrong Answer
    Input: "2147483648"
    Output: 2147483648
    Expected: 2147483647
    do they not allow for 31 bit numbers?

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    An "int" is usually 32 bits in length. At least it always is in Java and most of the time in C. Anything bigger is either a long, a long long, or something else.

    A 32 bit signed number has a range of −2,147,483,648 to +2,147,483,647.

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    Hi I just wonder can we use parseInt() during an interview?
    if not do we need to write parseInt() by ourself?

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