10ms C++ solution

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    class Solution {
        unordered_map<int, int> path;//I use the map to store the result of each calculation. if 19 is the key,the value is 82:1*1+9*9=82
        bool isHappy(int n) {
            int value=0;
            int key=n;
            while (n) {//calculate the value of the key.
                int temp = n%10;
            if (value==1) {//if the value is 1,the key is a happy number.
                return true;
            if (path.find(value)!=path.end()) {//if the value is already in the map,there is a cycle,so the key is not a happy number.
                return false;
            path[key]=value;//put the key/value in the map
            return isHappy(value);//calculate recursively

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