C++ code TLE for case {3,2,4}, but good in local machine (VS2010)

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        ListNode *insertionSortList(ListNode *head) {
        ListNode* preHead, *currentNode, *compNode, *pre_compNode, *temp;
        if (head == NULL)
            return NULL;
        preHead = new ListNode(0);
        preHead->next = head;
        currentNode = head->next;
        while (currentNode)
            pre_compNode = preHead;
            compNode = head;
            temp = currentNode->next;
            while (compNode != currentNode)
                if (currentNode->val > compNode->val)
                    pre_compNode->next = currentNode;
                    currentNode->next = compNode;
                pre_compNode = pre_compNode->next;
                compNode = compNode->next;
            currentNode = temp;
        temp = preHead->next;
        delete preHead;
        return temp;

    I had a step-by-step test locally but seems nothing wrong. Please help to check. Many thanks!

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    The result of last node indicates the first node. It means infinite-loop.
    Tested in VS2015.

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