Iterative Solution in Python. Time Complexity O(N) and Space Complexity O(1)

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    class Solution:
        def reverseKGroup(self, head, k):
            if head is None:
                return head
            data = self.reverse(head, k)
            new_head = data[0]
            next_head = data[1]
            new_tail = data[2]
            while next_head:
                data = self.reverse(next_head, k)
       = data[0]
                next_head = data[1]
                new_tail = data[2]
            return new_head
        def reverse(self, head, k):
            new_tail = head
            current_node = temp = head
            previous_node = None
            original_tail = None
            i = 0
            for _ in range(k):
                if temp:
                    original_tail = temp
                    temp =
                    i += 1
            if i == k:
                for _ in range(k):
                    if current_node is None:
                    next_node =
           = previous_node
                    previous_node = current_node
                    current_node = next_node
                return previous_node, current_node, new_tail
                return head, None, original_tail

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