My java solution

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    public class Solution {
        public int majorityElement(int[] num) {
            int ele = num[0];
            int counter = 0;
            for(int n : num) {
                if(n == ele) {
                else {
                if(counter == 0) {
                    ele = n;
                    counter = 1;
            return ele;
    Basic idea of the algorithm is if we cancel out each occurrence of an element e with all the other elements that are different from e then e will exist till end if it is a majority element.

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    Proof by contradiction:

    Let M be the majority element, and let there be k of M in the array.

    Suppose the above algorithm did not return M. Then the k M's are canceled by k numbers different from M.

    Thus the array has at least 2k numbers.

    Since M is the majority element, k > n/2, and therefore 2k>n. This indicates that the array has more than n numbers, a contradiction.

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