Binary search solution in java

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    class Solution {
        public int searchInsert(int[] nums, int target) {
            int i=0, j=nums.length-1,mid = (nums.length-1)/2;      
            if(nums.length==1) {
                if(target>nums[0]) return nums.length;
                else if(target<nums[0]||target==nums[0]) return 0;
            int result = binarySearch(nums,0,nums.length-1,target);
                while(i<=j) {
                    if(target<nums[i]) return i;
                    if(target>nums[j]) return j+1;
                    if(i+1==j) return j;
            return result;
            int binarySearch(int arr[], int l, int r, int x)
            if (r>=l)
                int mid = l + (r - l)/2;
                if (arr[mid] == x)
                   return mid;
                if (arr[mid] > x)
                   return binarySearch(arr, l, mid-1, x);
                return binarySearch(arr, mid+1, r, x);
            return -1;

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