Bricks Falling When Hit

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    If there are two or more erasures hit same index, the answer may be wrong.

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    The time complexity is O((N+Q)*α(N)), isn't it?

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    What is the result of this test case?
    Why is the expected answer = [0, 0]?

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    @ibmtp380 Queries with repeated values are not allowed. This was not clearly explained in the problem, so I updated the explanation.

    The solution can be amended easily to work with repeated queries: all subsequent repeated queries are ignored and given an answer of zero.

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    " or at least one of its (4-way) adjacent bricks will not drop"
    May we can use the algorithm -"flood fill" from the top Bricks
    answer=Bricks that are not stained
    it looks more simple......

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    The question is not clear. For example:
    grid = [[1,0,0,0],[1,1,1,0]]
    hits = [[1,0]]
    Then after erase the brick at [1,0], the grid will become as
    grid = [[1,0,0,0],
    And "or at least one of its (4-way) adjacent bricks will not drop"
    therefore, the brick at [1,1] depends on the brick at [1,2], and vice versa.
    So if the brick at [1,1] drops, then brick at [1,2] have to be dropped because there is no one adjacent brick will not drop.
    But the question here is why the brick at [1,1] will drop? Doesn't it depend on whether the brick at [1,2] drops?
    BUT BUT BUT we do not know whether the brick at [1,2] drops yet.

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    @nan0445 i think that...
    after hits
    first we set all brick will drops.
    then we use the rules:
    1 A brick will not drop if and only if it is directly connected to the top of the grid
    2 at least one of its (4-way) adjacent bricks will not drop
    then a part of bricks will not drop~~

    the rules remind me of the "flood fill"........ it looks like so simple......

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    It seems to me a dropped brick may hit another brick below.

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    For example, grid = [
    [0,1,1,1]]. When we hit at [0,1], brick at [1,1] will drop and may be placed at [2,1].

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    for grid . {{1, 0, 0, 0}, {0, 0, 0, 0} , {1, 1, 1, 0}} and only hit {{2, 0}} why is the answer 0 and not 2 . ?

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    nevermind , realized that the top/wall is required to sustain any brick in first place so this is not a valid test case.

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    Looks like rank array is redundant. I removed it and still my submission is accepted with better latency.

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