Champagne Tower

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    why bother double[][] A = new double[102][102];?
    double[][] A = new double[101][101]; is also ACed since the given contraint: query_glass and query_row will be in the range of [0, 99].

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    why we need to take min (return Math.min(1, A[query_row][query_glass]);) ?

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    @terminator123456 we take the min because if it's over 1 it would inevitably overflow to the glasses below, but no reason to calculate that as we already found out that the glass we are querying is already going to be full.

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    @terminator123456 Because this algorithms consider the flow through each glasses, so to some glasses, the flow would be over 1. But the answer to the question is full = 1, so the answer is selected between the min value of 1 and flow q

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