Ruby solution is giving right answer but system refusing?

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    So, I've written a 2 line solution (can be 1 line but I think this way is faster)
    and it's giving right answer, but it's not getting accepted, here's the code:

    def reverse(x)
        a = x.to_s.reverse
        a[-1] == '-' ? -a.to_i : a.to_i

    Input: 1534236469

    Output: 9646324351

    Expected: 0

    Why is it expecting 0??

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    click click to show spoilers.

    and you will see:

    For the purpose of this problem, assume that your function returns 0 when the reversed integer overflows.

    if reversed_int > (2^31)-1 or reversed_int < -2^31, you should return 0.

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    Is it possible to have this added to the problem statement? It seems unreasonable to me to expect someone to guess that zero is the expected output in this case.

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