Where has the "RUN CODE" button gone from the code window? ("Debug code in playground" doesn't work)

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    Why has the "RUN CODE" button at the bottom of code screen been removed? How should one "run/test" the code before SUBMITTING?

    There is a "debug code in playground" window but that seems to not work and just produces a compile error on correct code and seems broken. I tried to run a code sample that I submitted (and was accepted) and the same code produced the following error on the debug window.

    (C++ code) I see this issue for problem # 116, #117.

    Compile error Error:ld returned 1 exit status

    The debug/Run test seems really flaky and I don't see any "Tree visualizer" anymore, which was there before.

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    Are there any administrators or SUPPORT STAFF at this site at all?

    This has been a serious issue with a lot of problemsets and no site administrator seems to care to fix it?

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