Swap Adjacent in LR String

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    Hello @awice,
    Thanks for the explanation. Could you please clarify this logic- 'Additionally, the n-th 'L' can never go to the right of it's original position, and similarly the n-th 'R' can never go to the left of it's original position. We'll call this "accessibility"'

    And also this( my own test case) test case: start - 'LXXLXRLXLX', end - 'XLLXRXLXLX' should return True as per my understanding. But it returns false as per above given solution. Could you help me with this.


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    @DharshiniPriya You example should return false, because the rule is XL -> LX for start string, not the other way around.

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    1-pass implementation:
    @vegito2002 said in Simple Java one pass O(n) solution with explaination:

    class Solution {
        public boolean canTransform(String start, String end) {
            if (start.length () != end.length ())
                return false;
            char[] chs = start.toCharArray (), che = end.toCharArray ();
            int i = -1, j = -1;
            while (++i < chs.length && ++j < che.length) {
                // only care about L or R, skip X
                while (i < chs.length && chs[i] == 'X') i++;
                while (j < che.length && che[j] == 'X') j++;
                // number of L/R is not equal in both strings, can't transform
                if ((i < chs.length) ^ (j < che.length)) return false;
                if (i < chs.length && j < che.length) {
                    // mismatched L/R
                    if (chs[i] != che[j]) return false;
                    // L can only move left
                    if (chs[i] == 'L' && i < j) return false;
                    // R can only move right
                    if (chs[i] == 'R' && i > j) return false;
            return true;

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    This should be hard. Not medium.

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    The space complexity of Approach #2 should be O(N), since it transfers the string to char array

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