Same dp code, c++ passes while python got TLE. HELP

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    Python version

    class Solution:
    # @param s, a string
    # @return a string
    def longestPalindrome(self, s):
        st = 0
        maxl = 0
        dp = [[False]*1000 for i in xrange(1000)]
        for i in reversed(xrange(len(s))):
            for j in xrange(i,len(s)):
                if s[i] == s[j] and (i+1>j-1 or dp[i+1][j-1] ):
                    dp[i][j] = True
                    if j-i+1 > maxl:
                        st = i
                        maxl = j-i+1
        return s[st:st+maxl]

    C++ version

    class Solution {
    string longestPalindrome(string s) {
        int start = 0, maxLen = 1, n = s.size();
        bool isPal[1000][1000] = {false};
        for(int i=n-1; i>=0; i--) {
            for(int j=i; j<n; j++) {
                if((i+1>j-1 || isPal[i+1][j-1]) && s[i]==s[j]) {
                    isPal[i][j] = true;
                    if(j-i+1>maxLen) {
                        maxLen = j-i+1;
                        start = i;
        return s.substr(start,maxLen);


    I have spent hours on this, any help would be appreciated.
    I know for sure reversed() method won't make copy
    So what causes python version TLE

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    same here on python, exactly same java code can pass.

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    so do I. I got the same issue in Javascript.

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    I use the same solution and get TLE as well... Help

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    I have just fixed this. Now the same Python code can pass.

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