C++, DFS specially designed to avoid duplicate dfs-tree-path

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    Solution {
        vector<vector<int>> res;
        vector<vector<int>> combinationSum2(vector<int>& candidates, int target) {
            sort(candidates.begin(), candidates.end());
            vector<int> temp;
            DFS_combination(candidates, temp, 0, target);
            return res;
        void DFS_combination(vector<int>& cand, vector<int> &temp, int loc, int target){
            if(target==0) res.push_back(temp);
            for(int i=loc; i<cand.size() && cand[i]<=target; i++){
                if(i>loc && cand[i]==cand[i-1]) continue;
                // code above is to avoid constructing duplicate path, where
                // for-loop will try to construct tree node with i in sequence, 
                // so we should ensure that i will not duplicate.
                DFS_combination(cand, temp, i+1, target-cand[i]);

    In this case, we need to deal with duplicates during DFS, what matters is to analyse where harmful duplicates will occur.

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