Linear Python solution with sparse heap array representation

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    We use the canonical index trick for heaps, which map the left and right
    children to indexes 2i and 2i+1, respectively (we shift one place to the
    right, in order to start indexing at 0).

    Since the heap representation is good for full-trees, we would need
    exponential space to fulfill it; assuming that we can potentially find thin
    trees, we opt to use an sparse representation for the array. We serialize the
    list of (index,value) pairs. Actually, the array is represented in memory as
    a dictionary.

    Space complexity is O(n), due both the array representation and the
    auxiliary stack we use DFS traversal. Time should be O(n) as well due DFS.

    class Codec:
        def serialize(self, root):
            arr = dict()
            if not root:
                return ""
            stack = [(root, 0)]
            while stack:
                node, i = stack.pop()
                arr[i] = node.val
                for child, j in ((node.left, 2 * i + 1), (node.right, 2 * i + 2)):
                    if child:
                        arr[j] = child.val
                        stack.append((child, j))
            ser = ""
            for i, v in arr.iteritems():
                ser += ("," if i > 0 else "") + str(i) + ":" + str(v)
            return ser
        def deserialize(self, data):
            if not data:
                return None
            parse_pair = lambda p: tuple(map(int, p.split(":")))
            arr = dict([parse_pair(p) for p in data.split(",")])
            root = TreeNode(arr[0])
            stack = [(root, 0)]
            def getpush_child(j):
                child = None
                if j in arr:
                    child = TreeNode(arr[j])
                    stack.append((child, j))
                return child
            while stack:
                node, i = stack.pop()
                node.left = getpush_child(2 * i + 1)
                node.right = getpush_child(2 * i + 2)
            return root

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