Python3 solution using LeetCode format and two queues

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    Used same (or similar) format that For serializing I am using
    BFS to generate level order, left to right. Any non null node is guaranteed
    to have its both children in the serialization (even if these are null).

    For de-serializing we just keep a couple of queues, one for pulling the roots
    and the other for the children. Initially, the serialization gets parsed and
    stored into the children queue; the first item is pulled and placed into the
    roots queue. Then, then main loop pulls next root, then its two children, and
    the children are also appended as roots.

    Time and space complexities look like O(n) [inherited from BFS]

    from collections import deque
    class Codec:
        def node2str(self, node):
            if node is None:
                return 'N'
                return str(node.val)
        def str2node(self, s):
            if s == 'N':
                return None
                return TreeNode(int(s))
        def serialize(self, root):
            visited = set()
            bfs_order = []
            queue = deque([root])
            while queue:
                node = queue.popleft()
                if node:
                    for c in ((node.left, node.right)):
                        if c is None or c not in visited:
            return ','.join(bfs_order)
        def deserialize(self, data):
            children = deque(map(self.str2node, data.split(',')))
            root = children.popleft()
            roots = deque([root])
            while roots:
                node = roots.popleft()
                if node:
                    if children:
                        node.left = children.popleft()
                    if children:
                        node.right = children.popleft()
            return root

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