Python3 solution with O(n) and O(1) space

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    I feel bad about my verbose solution, after looking at other quite elegant
    solutions. But well, here it goes.

    1. Compute the length of the list (one pass)
    2. Using the length split the list in two halves (discard middle if odd length)
    3. Reverse second half
    4. Compare first and second (reversed) halves
    class Solution:
        def get_len(self, head):
            n = 0
            node = head
            while node:
                n += 1
                node =
            return n
        def reverse(self, head):
            node = head
            prev = None
            while node:
                tmp =
       = prev
                prev = node
                node = tmp
            return prev
        def split2(self, n, head):
            end1 = head
            for _ in range(n // 2 - 1):
                end1 =
            if n%2 == 1:
                start2 =
                start2 =
   = None
            return start2
        def isPalindrome(self, head):
            n = self.get_len(head)
            if n <= 1:
                return True
            start2 = self.split2(n, head)
            node2 = self.reverse(start2)
            node1 = head
            while node1 and node2:
                if node1.val != node2.val:
                    return False
                node1 =
                node2 =
            return not node1 and not node2

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