Partition Equal Subset Sum

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    I solved this problem without recursion.
    Here is my algo :

    1. Check the sum%2, if <>0 then return false where;
    2. Filter out elements which are less than sum/2. Lets assume we have temp[] where each element is less than or equal to sum.
    3. Sort the array. Two variables start =0 and end= temp.length-1, k=sum/2
    4. for i=0 to N in temp,
    5. start=i;
    6. while(k >0 AND start<end)
    7. if checkSum(temp, start, end, k)==true, return true;
    8. else k=k-temp[start++]; loop ends
    9. sum=k, outer loop ends.

    Array is sorted , checkSum(temp, start,end,k) searches for the element in the array from index start to end.

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