How advantage could it be by using split?

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    I don't actually know the function split(), and I'm gonna read the document about it. It seems lot of the solutions shared here are using split(). But I do know the trim(), lol.

    And here is my low-b -_-!, straight forward algorithm,

    public class Solution {
    public String reverseWords(String s) {
        s=' '+s;
        StringBuilder ans = new StringBuilder();
        int end=s.length();
        for(int i=s.length()-1;i>=0;i--){
            if(s.charAt(i)==' '){
                if(i>0) ans.append(' ');
                while(i-1>0&&s.charAt(i-1)==s.charAt(i)) i--;
        return ans.toString();


    While dealing with large inputs, how faster could it be by using split?

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