Test case error ? Python

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    class Solution:
    # @param grid, a list of list of characters
    # @return an integer
    def numIslands(self, grid):
        if not grid: return 0
        m = len(grid)
        n = len(grid[0])
        result = 0
        for i in xrange(m):
            for j in xrange(n):
                if grid[i][j] == '1':
                    result += 1
                    self.dfs(grid, i, j)
        return result 
    def dfs(self, grid, i, j):
        row = len(grid)
        cal = len(grid[0])
        grid[i][j] = '0'  
        if i > 0 and grid[i-1][j] == '1':
            self.dfs(grid, i-1, j)
        if i < row-1 and grid[i+1][j] == '1':
            self.dfs(grid, i+1, j)
        if j > 0 and grid[i][j-1] == '1':
            self.dfs(grid, i, j-1)
        if j < cal-1 and grid[i][j+1] == '1':
            self.dfs(grid, i, j+1)

    In the above solution, the test result is:
    " Runtime Error Message: Line 21: TypeError: 'str' object does not support item assignment
    Last executed input: ["1"]"
    But actually the grid is the list of list, which is mutable, we could change the element in it. Why here it return the error said immutable ?

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    This post is deleted!

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    I think it's error of python test case. Because all other language tests use 2D-Array.

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    Yes, the same assignment for the "Surrounded Regions" has passed, that one use 2D-Array.

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    Sorry, I had just fixed this issue, now your solution should AC. The input type should be the same as "Surrounded Regions".

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