My solution works well for the test case that it shows is failing!

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    Following test case fails for my Java code solution to this problem:-

    Input : 2147483648
    Expected : 1
    Actual : 0

    However, when I run the code in my system, it gives the correct output. I had to append "l" or "L" after the number though.

    public class NumberOfBits {
    	public static void main(String[] args) {
    		NumberOfBits ob = new NumberOfBits();
    	// you need to treat n as an unsigned value
        public int hammingWeight(long m) {
        	long n = (long) m;
            int hammingWeight = 0;
    		while(n > 0) {
    			n -= Math.pow(2, biggestPowerOf2(n));
    		return hammingWeight;
        public int biggestPowerOf2(long n) {
    		int power = 0;
    		while (Math.pow(2, power) <= n) {
    		return --power;

    I think the input should be appended with L to convert it to long, else the code would throw an error. I don't know how is the testing done internally, but I think my code should work.

    Any idea where am I going wrong?

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