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    struct countEntry {
        char* sortedString;
        int indices[20];
        UT_hash_handle hh;
    void sortHelper(char* in, int s, int e){
        if(s>=e) return;
        int m = (s+e)/2;
        char mc = in[m];
        int f=s,b=e;
        while(f<=b){ // f and b stop at the same position which value equals mc, need to use = here
            while(in[f]<mc) f++;
            while(in[b]>mc) b--; // can't use = in quick sort, it might cause ifinite loops
            if(f>b) break;
            char te = in[f];
    char* sort(char* f, bool s) { // if s is false, just copy the string
        char* it = f;
        int len = strlen(f);
        char* re=calloc((len+1),sizeof(char)); // calloc has two arguments
        if(s==true) sortHelper(re, 0,len-1); // should not sort the \0 character, sort the string when if the switch is true
        return re;
    char **anagrams(char *strs[], int n, int *outputSize) {
        char** result=malloc(n*sizeof(char*));
        struct countEntry *s, *countTable = NULL; // * should go with the variable name
        int p=0;
        for(int i=0;i<n;i++){
            char* tm = sort(strs[i],true);
            HASH_FIND_STR(countTable, tm, s);
                s = (struct countEntry*)malloc(sizeof(struct countEntry));
                s->sortedString = tm;
                s->indices[0] = i;
                s->indices[1] = -1; // use -1 to indicate the end of the list
                HASH_ADD_KEYPTR(hh, countTable, s->sortedString, strlen(s->sortedString), s);
            } else {
                int j=0;
                while(s->indices[j]!=-1) j++;
        for(s=countTable; s != NULL; s=s-> {
            if(s->indices[1]!=-1) {
                for(int k=0; s->indices[k]!=-1;k++) { 
        return result;

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