3 ms c++ solution

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    vector<int> postorderTraversal(TreeNode *root) {
            vector<int> res;
            if (!root) return res;
            stack<TreeNode*> st;
            TreeNode* last = NULL;
            while(!st.empty()) {
                TreeNode* top = st.top();
                // pop the node if its a leaf or the last popped node was its right child or 
                // the right child was null and last popped node was left child
                bool popNode = (last && (top->right==last || (top->left==last && !top->right))) || (!top->right && !top->left);
                if (popNode) {
                    last = top;
                } else {
                    if (top->right) st.push(top->right);
                    if (top->left) st.push(top->left);
            return res;

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