Golang solution comparing a slope between points (u don't need to memorize cross product formula)

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    As others already referred, this article explains quite well how we can think to solve this. Get 3 adjacent points (p1, p2, p3) from given points and check if a slope of p1p2 is larger, smaller, or equal to a slope of p2p3. To make the given points convex, a slope should be monolithically increasing, or decreasing while iterating all points.

    func isConvex(points [][]int) bool {
    	plen, negative, positive := len(points), false, false
    	for i := 0; i < len(points); i++ {
    		cur, next, nextNext := points[i%plen], points[(i+1)%plen], points[(i+2)%plen]
    		if compareSlope(cur, next, nextNext) < 0 {
    			negative = true
    		} else if compareSlope(cur, next, nextNext) > 0 {
    			positive = true
    		if negative && positive {
    			return false
    	return true
    func compareSlope(p1, p2, p3 []int) int {
    	switch diff := (p2[1]-p1[1])*(p3[0]-p2[0]) - (p3[1]-p2[1])*(p2[0]-p1[0]); {
    	case diff > 0:
    		return 1
    	case diff < 0:
    		return -1
    	return 0

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