Simple O(n) Python Solution (78-95ms)

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        def lengthOfLongestSubstring(self, s):
            currentLongest = s[0:1]
            longestStr = ""
            for c in s[1:]:
                if c not in currentLongest:
                    currentLongest += c
                    if len(longestStr) < len(currentLongest): #if current string is longer than current longest string
                        longestStr = currentLongest
                    if c in currentLongest:
                        currentLongest = currentLongest[currentLongest.find(c)+1:]+c
                    elif c != currentLongest[-1:]:
                        currentLongest = currentLongest[-1:]+c
                        currentLongest = c
            if len(currentLongest) > len(longestStr): #final check with last substring
                return len(currentLongest)
            return len(longestStr)```

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