error between return max(initializer_list<T>) and max(a,max(b,c))

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    The example is just [1,3,2,5,3,null,9].

    The code in the end can be accepted. But when I change the last row by

     return max(order-v[level]+1, max(DFS(root->left, level+1, 2*order, v), DFS(root->right, level+1, 2*order+1, v)));

    Run the code with the example above, I only get the answer 1 while the correct one is 4.
    I don't find whether max in the tail recursion will result error.
    Hope for someone's help.

    class Solution {
        int widthOfBinaryTree(TreeNode* root) {
            return DFS(root, 0, 1, vector<int>()={});
        int DFS(TreeNode *root, int level, int order, vector<int>& v)
                return 0;
            if(v.size() == level)
            return max({order-v[level]+1, DFS(root->left, level+1, 2*order, v), DFS(root->right, level+1, 2*order+1, v)});

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