Interview question: randomly generate mines on a grid

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    You are given a mn grid. You are asked to generate k mines on this grid randomly. Each cell should have equal probability of k / mn of being chosen. Your algorithm should run in O(m) time.

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    The traditional resevoir sampling does not work due to the time complexity constraint
    def insert(h,w,m):
    position = [None]m
    lut = {}
    for i in range(m):
    pos = randint(0,h
    if pos in lut:
    position[i] = lut[pos]
    position[i] = pos
    lut[pos] = h*w-i-1

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    Assuming m=1, it can be solved by reservoir sampling with o(n) time but not o(1) time.
    Is the question legitimate?

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