Python O(n) time and O(1) space without fancy builtins

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    Just iterate through the array and note the highest and second highest numbers. Might as well take note of the index at the same time.

    One slightly clever idea was to shuffle the highest to the second-highest whenever a new highest was found. That was a way to handle the case where there are two (or more) value tied for highest.

    class Solution:
        def dominantIndex(self, nums):
            if len(nums) == 0: return -1
            highest = -1
            secondHighest = -1
            highestIndex = 0
            for i,n in enumerate(nums):
                if n >= highest:
                    secondHighest = highest
                    highest = n
                    highestIndex = i
                elif n > secondHighest:
                    secondHighest = n
            if highest < secondHighest*2:
                highestIndex = -1
            return highestIndex

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