Python - Easy to understand one-liner solution

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    def dominantIndex(self, nums):
            return nums.index(max(nums)) if all(max(nums) >= num * 2 for num in nums if num != max(nums)) else -1

    Clearer version:

        def dominantIndex(self, nums):
             max_ele = max(nums)
             for num in nums:
                 if num != max_ele and max_ele < num * 2:
                    return -1
             return nums.index(max_ele)

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    Maybe we can use filter()

            return -1 if any(filter(lambda x: x * 2 > max(nums) if x != max(nums) else False, nums)) else nums.index(max(nums))

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    @candy.tgz Your one-liner is O(N^2) time complexity. Not worth making the code quadratic just to save one line

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