Can you point me what's wrong in my logic?

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    I could not figure out what's wrong here. Submission result says "49 / 54 test cases passed." Failed for input (10,40). Can anyone find me any clue here? Thanks!

    public boolean canIWin(int maxChoosableInteger, int desiredTotal) {
            if (desiredTotal == 0) return true;
            if ((1 + maxChoosableInteger) * maxChoosableInteger / 2 < desiredTotal)
                return false;
            boolean[][] dp = new boolean[1+desiredTotal][1+maxChoosableInteger];        
            for(int i=1;i<=desiredTotal;i++){
                for(int j=1;j<=maxChoosableInteger;j++){                
                    if(i<=j) dp[i][j] = true; // <-- always first player wins
                        /* check if 1st player wins by its any of j number of contributions */
                        for(int k=1;k<=j;k++){
                            dp[i][j] |= !dp[i-k][j];
            return dp[desiredTotal][maxChoosableInteger];

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    Are you accounting for the fact that the numbers can only be used once?

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