Is there any thing wrong with the Python code judgement?

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    My output is always [0], even if my function return [1].

    For example:

    class Solution:
    # @param A a list of integers
    # @param m an integer, length of A
    # @param B a list of integers
    # @param n an integer, length of B
    # @return nothing
    def merge(self, A, m, B, n):
    return [1]

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    With this problem, there is no return.

    @return nothing

    What you need to do is put the sorted array into A, which already has enough room for all the elements in A and B together.

    The reason it is saying your output is [0] is because that is the contents of array A at the end of your method. A=[], with n 0s added to the end to provide space for B, resulting in []+[0] = [0]. As it believes there is no return, it looks at A when the function ends and compares it to the expected value.

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