Meta: Accepted vs Submissions

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    First off, sorry for submitting under a problem, I couldn't figure out how to post as a general question.

    Just wondering what "Total Submissions" on the site actually means. Does every submission, even if it fails or doesn't compile count towards the total submissions number?


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    Yes, every time the submit button is pressed, the total submissions count is increased. This does present a problem when trying to figure out how many people have been using the tester as a compiler and correcting the code here rather than in an IDE.

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    Yeah, that's why I was wondering. It might take me on average 10 or more submits to get a problem as I use it that way.

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    yep, I don't care about point and other crap, just want to know if I do it right or not.
    And since the test data set isn't available, most of the time submission is wasted on stuff like some retard input condition not catched, or retard syntax error. LOL, and of course testing the data set.

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