Python clean&commented O(N^3) DP

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    The idea is to use self.memo[(i1, j1, i2, j2)] to store the maximum number of cherries that can be collected starting from (i1, j1) to (N-1, N-1) then to(i2, j2) . Note that since I'm taking a step at each end at the same time, i1+j1 is always equal to i2+j2, therefore there are only O(N^3) states (and I'm using the full quadruple to store the state for the sake of clearness).

    class Solution(object):
        def cherryPickup(self, grid):
            :type grid: List[List[int]]
            :rtype: int
            if grid[-1][-1] == -1: return 0
            # set up cache
            self.grid = grid
            self.memo = {}
            self.N = len(grid)
            return max(self.dp(0, 0, 0, 0), 0)
        def dp(self, i1, j1, i2, j2):
            # already stored: return 
            if (i1, j1, i2, j2) in self.memo: return self.memo[(i1, j1, i2, j2)]
            # end states: 1. out of grid 2. at the right bottom corner 3. hit a thorn
            N = self.N
            if i1 == N or j1 == N or i2 == N or j2 == N: return -1
            if i1 == N-1 and j1 == N-1 and i2 == N-1 and j2 == N-1: return self.grid[-1][-1]
            if self.grid[i1][j1] == -1 or self.grid[i2][j2] == -1: return -1
            # now can take a step in two directions at each end, which amounts to 4 combinations in total
            dd = self.dp(i1+1, j1, i2+1, j2)
            dr = self.dp(i1+1, j1, i2, j2+1)
            rd = self.dp(i1, j1+1, i2+1, j2)
            rr = self.dp(i1, j1+1, i2, j2+1)
            maxComb = max([dd, dr, rd, rr])
            # find if there is a way to reach the end
            if maxComb == -1:
                out = -1
                # same cell, can only count this cell once
                if i1 == i2 and j1 == j2:
                    out = maxComb + self.grid[i1][j1]
                # different cell, can collect both
                    out = maxComb + self.grid[i1][j1] + self.grid[i2][j2]
            # cache result
            self.memo[(i1, j1, i2, j2)] = out
            return out

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