Python recursive solution with memorization

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    Just to give a different view from DP. Quite efficient for this problem (139 ms beating 98%).

    class Solution(object):
        def minDistance(self, w1, w2):
            :type word1: str
            :type word2: str
            :rtype: int
            m,n,d = len(w1),len(w2),{}
            def mds(w1, w2, i, j):
                if i*j==0: return i+j
                if (i,j) in d: return d[(i,j)]
                val = 0
                if w1[i-1]==w2[j-1]:
                    val = mds(w1, w2, i-1, j-1)
                    val = 1+min(mds(w1,w2,i,j-1),mds(w1,w2,i-1,j-1),mds(w1,w2,i-1,j))
                return val
            return mds(w1,w2,m,n)

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