Clean O(n^3) Java DP solution

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    The idea is based on the observation that the problem is equal to the maximal # of combined cherries picked by two persons starting simultaneously from point (n-1, n-1) towards point (0, 0)

    dp[x1][y1][x2]: Given path 1 from (x1, y1) to (0, 0) and path 2 from (x2, x1+y1-x2) to (0, 0), the max picked cherries combined.

    class Solution {
        public int cherryPickup(int[][] grid) {
            if (grid==null || grid.length==0 || grid[0].length==0) return 0;
            int n=grid.length;
            int[][][] dp=new int[n+1][n+1][n+1];
            for (int i=0;i<=n;i++)
                for (int j=0;j<=n;j++)
                    Arrays.fill(dp[i][j], -1);
            for (int x1=1;x1<=n;x1++){
                for (int y1=1;y1<=n;y1++){
                    for (int x2=1;x2<=n;x2++){
                        int y2=x1+y1-x2;
                        if (dp[x1][y1][x2]>=0 || y2<1 || y2>n || grid[x1-1][y1-1]<0 || grid[x2-1][y2-1]<0) continue;
                        int max1=Math.max(dp[x1-1][y1][x2],   dp[x1][y1-1][x2]);
                        int max2=Math.max(dp[x1-1][y1][x2-1], dp[x1][y1-1][x2-1]);
                        int max=Math.max(max1, max2);
                        if (max==-1) continue;
                        if (x2!=x1) dp[x1][y1][x2] += grid[x2-1][y2-1];
            return Math.max(0, dp[n][n][n]);

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