Solution sharing C++ 23ms

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        class Solution {
        string convert(string s, int nRows) {
        //Analysis: the problem is convert a serial string to a Zig-Zag pattern
        //[0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,...,N] with row m;
        //0                 2m-2                4m-4
        //1            2m-3 2m-1           4m-3
        //...      ...      ...      ...
        //m-2   m           3m-4  3m-2
        //m-1               3m-3
        //so the algorithm is basically an algebra converting of the indexes.
        string result;
        int i,j;
        int len=s.length();
        if (nRows==1) return s;
        for (i=0;i<nRows;i++){
            //for each row in the Zig-Zag graph
            //for the first and last row:
            //for the middle rows
            while (j<len+i){
                if (i<nRows-1 && i>0 && j>i){
                if ((i+j)<len){
        return result;

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    Using std::string::at instead of std::string::operator[] is the key to improve a 27ms solution to a 23ms in this environment.

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