Level Order Traversal C++ Solution

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    Solution: Do level order traversal and push the rightmost node in every level to the result vector.

    vector<int> res;
    void levelOrderTraversal(TreeNode *root, int level, int* current_max_level) {
        if(root == NULL)  return;
        if(*current_max_level < level) {
            *current_max_level = level;
        levelOrderTraversal(root->right, level+1, current_max_level);
        levelOrderTraversal(root->left, level+1, current_max_level);
    vector<int> rightSideView(TreeNode *root) {
        int level = 1;
        int current_max_level = 0;
        levelOrderTraversal(root, level, &current_max_level);
        return res;

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