Very short and simple solution(C# example)

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    In the description of our task we have three cases for checking .

    • Check if all letters are Uppercase letters
    • Check if all letters are Lowercase letters
    • Check if first letter is uppercase and others are lowercase

      If first letters are uppercase :

       word[0] == Char.ToUpper(word[0]) 

    And if all leters without first are lowercase :

      word.Substring(1) == word.Substring(1).ToLower()

    After putting together all these cases we have a complete solution :

     public bool DetectCapitalUse(string word)
          return word == word.ToLower()
           || word == word.ToUpper()
           || (word[0] == Char.ToUpper(word[0])
                      && word.Substring(1) == word.Substring(1).ToLower());

    Also a good way to solve this task is to use Regex .

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