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    Hello. I just joined this website after I watched a couple of youtube videos and decided to take my knowledge to the next level and learn new things. And after I spend 10 minutes on this website I've come to the conclusion that I know nothing. I'm in grade 11 so basically I have just one year left of high-school. And in my country you have to choose at the end of middle school on what department/branch you want to go(maths&informatics, philology&literature, etc.). I study maths& informatics and I can say that I'm one of the top students. However, I don't feel like I have enough knowledge for uni even if I have A's at info. I don't feel like they teach me the real thing. Currently, we work just on C++ and write codes like: the sum of the even numbers of a number, the sum of the numbers of a diagonal of the matrix, basic math. What I have to do to start learning the real coding?

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