Straight Forward and Simple C++ Solution(Three for loops)

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    The idea is pretty simple and straight forward. Splitting the string into four parts and verifying each part. If all four parts are valid, then this is a valid IP and then push back to result. The only thing we should be careful is how to determine the position of each substring.

    class Solution {
            vector<string> restoreIpAddresses(string s) {
                vector<string> res;
                int len=s.size();
                for(int i=1;i<4&&(i-1)<len-3;i++){
                    for(int j=1;j<4&&(j+i-1)<len-2;j++){
                        for(int k=1;k<4&&(k+j+i-1)<len-1;k++){
                            string s1=s.substr(0,i);
                            string s2=s.substr(i,j);
                            string s3=s.substr(i+j,k);
                            string s4=s.substr(i+j+k,len-i-j-k);
                                string solution=s1+"."+s2+"."+s3+"."+s4;
                return res;
            bool isValid(string s){
                if(s.size()>3||s.size()==0||(s.front()=='0'&&s.size()>1)||stoi(s)>255) return false;
                return true;

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    I have the similar way like you. (But JAVA)
    But in my isVaild it just a very simple check : value < 256 or not.

    Other check I can use /Below/

    String input = String.valueOf(pass[0]) + "." + String.valueOf(pass[1]) +
    "." + String.valueOf(pass[2]) + "." + String.valueOf(pass[3]);


    if (input.length() - 3 == s.length())

    to Finish it

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    You idea is ok for this problem. But it's not backtracking, so it couldn't stop search immediately when the prefix is already wrong!

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