Got accepted (C++ code), any improvements?

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    class Solution {

    ListNode *deleteDuplicates(ListNode *head) {
    if(head == NULL)
    return head;
    ListNode *p = head;

            while(p->next != NULL){
                if(p->val == p->next->val){
                    ListNode *temp = p->next;
                    p->next = temp->next;
                    delete temp;
                    p = head;
                else    p = p->next;
            return head;  


    This is my version. It has been accepted. However, I want to ask 1 question:
    When I declared ListNode *p = head, I declared a pointer to the same address as head. In other words, any changes with p will affect the object *head. Is this correct? That's why I can return head in the end of the function.

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    It might be redundant to use a temp var and actually call delete on the node. A simpler way is to reroute the links. For example:




    See that the other 1 is not actually deleted just was rerouted over by the other one. The head will always point at the first node of the list. My code:

    struct ListNode *deleteDuplicates(struct ListNode *head) {
    	struct ListNode *p1 = head, *p2;
    	while (p1) {
    		p2 = p1->next;
    		while (p2 && p2->val == p1->val)
    			p2 = p2->next;
    		p1->next = p2;
    		p1 = p1->next;
    	return head;

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    I think your description "In other words, any changes with p will affect the object *head" is right.

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