OJ Only Reads The First Element of My Result? Confused.

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    I can't figure out why it keeps saying this:

    Submission Result: Wrong Answer

    Input: [3,2,4], 6
    Output: 2
    Expected: 2, 3

    When I compiled locally, my function returns exactly a vector<int> of {2, 3}. Any thoughts? Thanks.

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    Without seeing the code you submitted, I can't give a definitive answer, but from the result, I believe you are printing out the 2, then the 3, inside the function. Something like:

    cout << pair[0] << endl; 
    cout << pair[1] << endl;

    If you have something like this in your code, the output the tester compares to is what gets printed, not what gets returned to the calling function.

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    Hey Thanks mike3.

    No I have no cout etc in my code. I thot I was supposed to return the results as a vector<int> instead of using cout. Is that correct? Thanks.

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    mike3, actually, you were right. There was a subtle cout I used when I wanted to debug but forgot to comment out. It works fine now. Thank you so much!!!

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