Used two DFS to compute tree diameter, center is at the middle

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    Here is one of the solutions found in literature: 
    0) Pick arbitrary starting node
    1) Do a BFS/DFS search (it does not matter as trees have unique paths), keeping
       track of the farthest node (any will make the trick, as there could be several
       with same distance from starting node)
    2) Repeat 1) but starting from the farthest node found. The path from this new
       starting point ands its new farthest node will be the diameter of the tree.
    3) There is a theorem saying that center lies at the middle of the diameter,
       seen as a path. If such path has odd length, there are two centers.
    from collections import defaultdict
    class Solution(object):
        def search_farthest(self, tree, start):
            stack = [(start, 0)]    
            parent = dict()
            visited = set()
            max_dist = 0
            while stack:
                node, dist = stack.pop()
                if node in visited:
                if dist > max_dist:
                    max_dist = dist
                    farthest = node
                for child in tree[node]:
                    if child not in parent:
                        parent[child] = node
                    stack.append((child, dist+1))
            return max_dist, farthest, parent
        def findMinHeightTrees(self, n, edges):
            if not edges:
                return [0] * n
            tree = defaultdict(lambda: [])        
            for u, v in edges:
            start = tree.iterkeys().next()
            _, farthest1, _ = self.search_farthest(tree, start)
            max_dist, farthest2, parent = self.search_farthest(tree, farthest1)
            node = farthest2
            for _ in xrange(max_dist/2):
                node = parent[node]
            roots = [node]
            if max_dist % 2 == 1:
            return roots

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