Python code that beats 99%

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    It's actually recursive approach. I commented in best way I could. But drawing graph helps, as it gets messy when talking about "head" and "tail" when things are reversed...

    def reverseKGroup(self, head, k):
        :type head: ListNode
        :type k: int
        :rtype: ListNode
        # count the remaining nodes from k
        # if less than k, do not revese
        count = 0
        curr = head
        while curr and count < k:
            curr =
            count += 1
        if count < k:
            return head
        # Now we need to reverse the next k nodes
        prev = None
        curr = head
        for i in range(k):
            tmp =
   = prev
            prev = curr
            curr = tmp
        # now "head" is actually the tail of these reversed nodes
        # if there's more nodes left, recursively reverse them
        # and set the current group's tail("head")'s next to be the 
        # next group's head.
        if curr:
   = self.reverseKGroup(curr, k)
        return prev

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