Confused by this questions!

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    For the test case:

    ["a b","c d"]

    The output is generated by all those accepted solutions described here.

    I think it violates the following description:

    For the last line of text, it should be left justified and no extra space is inserted between words.

    We notes that the last line "c d" has a space inserted!

    If the last line means the last line of input, what do you mean by no extra space is inserted between words , given that every line of input String[] words has only one word?

    What's the right answer for this test case?

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    The definition of justification does not stop you from correctly separating words by spaces (as per normal English Grammar). If a line (with correctly inserted spaces) happens to be exactly MaxWidth characters long, then that is simply a happy coincidence, and not a violation of anything.

    The point is that on the last line, you do not insert any extra spaces.

    Hope this helps.

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