Java DP code is ugly,but share thoughts

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    public class Solution {
     public int minimumTotal(List<List<Integer>> triangle) {
    	 for(int i = triangle.size()-2;i>=0;i--){
    		 ArrayList<Integer> list = (ArrayList<Integer>) triangle.get(i);
    		 for(int j = 0;j<list.size();j++){
    			 int mcost=0;
    			 ArrayList<Integer> list2 = (ArrayList<Integer>) triangle.get(i+1);
    			 mcost = Math.min(list2.get(j), list2.get(j+1))+list.get(j);
    			list.set(j, mcost);
    	return (triangle.get(0).get(0));


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    why do you assume it is an ArrayList?

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