Question about directly usage of s.length() and int size = s.length() ?

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    I have a code with 4-based integer that got MLE if I directly use

    for(int i = 0; i < s.length() -10; i++)

    but if I define an integer variable

    int size = s.length();

    and use this variable in for loop, it is accepted. why this happened?

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    When you call the function s.length(), the length of the string is calculated every time. If you store it in a variable, the method can just refer to it.

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    s.length() returns an unsigned integer, and 10 is an signed integer. When doing s.length() - 10, 10 is cast to an unsigned integer. If the length of s is less than 10, this calculation causes underflow, and the result is an very large integer.

    But if you use int size = s.length(), the cast has done in this assignment statement, and you won't get error in the loop.

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