promoting the performance

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    at the very beginning my code is:

    int islandPerimeter(int** grid, int gridRowSize, int gridColSize)
        int i,j;
        int blocks=0,conj=0;
                    if(i<gridRowSize-1 && grid[i+1][j])conj++;
                    if(j<gridColSize-1 && grid[i][j+1])conj++;
        return blocks*4-conj*2;

    it works well but did take some time. beating about 20% of c submissions.
    then i change the last sentence to:
    return (blocks<<2)-(conj<<1);
    time span did not change,but if i use:
    return ((blocks<<1)-conj)<<1;
    then it beats 70% of c submissions,LOL.

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