Slack : Codility Interview Questions (3 total)

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    1. Given a set of two players's cards as input Jon and Anne. Print the number of times Jon will win the game.
      Ex: Jon - K Q J 6 9 10 5 2
      Anne - Q 2 4 7 1 02 8 3
      Jon wins 5 times.

    2. Giev a list of types of flies and their sizes in form a string, return a string which catogorizes these strings and return the size of file in each category.
      Ex: Given : mymuisc.mp3 110b 1111b
      myvideo.mp4 124b
      myvideo2.avi 450b
      mytextss.txt 23b
      Output : Music 110b Videos 574b Files 1111b Others 23b

    3. Battle Ship game modified. Given the position of ships with two box numbers top left and bottom right. The battle ship marked with x has been hit. If all the squres of ship are marked by x then it sinks. print the number of hits and number of sunk.
      Given : x - - x x
      - - - x x

    Number of hit = 2 and number of sunk = 1

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